Master Your Energy

Working Better With Others Starts with Your Energy

We live in a world where we view success as a result of working hard. As admirable as it is, hard work alone rarely produces the results we want. Time and time again, we see highly deserving people and teams perform below their ceiling of potential because they believe hard work is all it takes to get to where they deserve to be.

After decades of research and experience in Western Science and Eastern Spirituality, we have learned that success begins and ends with the type of Energy you project into what you are doing and who you are working with. Master how to project the right type energy and you will immediately begin to notice that you produce different results with less effort, and in less time with best providers who can provide best Leadership coaching.

Find out which energy you project and whether that energy is serving you here.

Five Energies of Horrible Bosses

.......And How Not To Become One

Supercharge the power of your mind and body for sustained success and influence in business, leadership, and life. Five Energies of Horrible Bosses…And How Not To Become One is a Leadership Book like you have never read before. This book offers a holistic framework using a powerful blend of Ancient Asian Energy Practices and Modern Western Science that helps leaders and teams master their energy projection for better influence, connectedness, communication, and collaboration.

Marcel shares his powerful system that not only helps you assess for yourself whether the type of energy you are generating and projecting is serving you as a leader or boss, but it also teaches you how to become a master of all five energies so you can ensure you will never ever become a horrible boss yourself.

Who We Are

A One-Stop Solution of Leadership Coaching and Service Providers To Help Your People Work Even Better Together.

In today’s volatile world, organizations and teams have been forced to work remotely often resulting in a tremendous geographical separation between team-members. The mental strain from isolation is being felt across the world in every organization.

We founded Level V Partners with an intent to help individuals, teams, and organizations maximize returns by raising the bar on how they work together despite today’s dynamic challenges. This global need inspired us to create a Global Network of Leadership Coaching and Leading Providers of Human Performance Assessments and Services giving you a one-stop solution to all your people performance, team cohesion, and leadership development needs.

What We Offer

Customized Solutions by Best Providers and Coaches That Help Your People Work Better Together

Leadership Coaching

Assessments and Surveys

At Level V Partners, we only partner with the most respected assessment coaches providing Leadership Coaching in the industry, giving you access to a suite of solutions from Culture Surveys, to Psychometric Tests, to Leadership 360 Assessments and everything in between.

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Blended Programs and Workshops

Our world-class programs and workshops prepare your people to overcome real-world challenges together in the shortest amount of time. Grounded in decades of validated research and thousands of hours developing high-performers, our programs, assessments, and workshops are best in class.

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Coaching for Individuals & Teams

Want to do a deep dive into mastering the art of positive influence and create lasting impact in less time? Work with one of our esteemed coaches who are the best for Leadership Coaching to find deeper clarity in how you show up as a leader, professional, or in life. and embark on a journey, together, to create positive change for good.

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Our Partners

The Most Respected Providers In The Industry

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